Jeziorak- the longest polish lake

Jeziorak is a finger-shaped ribbon lake; it is also the longest natural lake in Poland and third after Śniardwy and Mamry biggest Polish lake in Masuria – The Land of Thousand Lakes. It is a significant element on the route of the Ostróda-Elbląg Canal.Ilawa marinaJeziorak has a rich lakeside and it is surrounded by marvelous forests, which create the Landscape Park of Iława Lake District. Through straits or short natural water-paths it is connected to lakes: Płaskie, Ewingi, Łabędź, Rucewo Wielkie, Rucewo Małe, Iławskie i Dauby.What is more, there are 16 islands on the lake, including Wielka Żuława – the biggest Inland island in Europe with remnants of an early medieval gord.Jeziorak is a paradise for water sports lovers, such as sailing, windsurfing, kite surfing or kayaking. The lake offers excellent conditions for diving. The lake is also a perfect place for anglers, because it is home to catfishes, zanders, pikes, eels, tenches, crucians, carps and perches. Additionally, it is a hunting ground for white-tailed eagles and ospreys. Herons, cormorants and cranes live at the lakeside as well.Jeziorak with his opening unexpectedly among reeds mysterious gulfs and charming islands, gives the opportunity to feel and to challenge the secrets of the nature. This is the place where character created by Zbigniew Nienacki in ‘Pan Samochodzik i …’ series was looking for lost treasures. Hour long journey by water tram “Ilavia” follow footsteps of Pan Samochodzik and is great fun not only for readers of Zbigniew Nienacki’s books.The future Pope, John Paul II, visited Iława and the vicinity of the lake Jeziorak as a Cracow bishop in 1959 and again in 1973 as a cardinal. The canoeing route from Iława through Siemiany, Miłomłyn to Ostróda was marked up in 1999 in order to commemorate the event.On the western lakeside of Jeziorak, 20 km away from Iława there is a village Siemiany. Along with other adjacent villages Siemiany is surrounded by thick forests and fresh air from Jeziorak. These places have specific microclimate which helps to cure illnesses of the breathing system.Ilawa yellowThere are a lot of campsites, marinas, catering businesses, hotels and agriculture farms at the lakeside of Jeziorak. The only dustcart ship in Poland, adopted to collect waste directly from yachts and boots cruises on the waters of the lake. What is more, in Iława and Siemiany there are small marinas.Readers of the travel magazine “National Geographic Traveler” considered Jeziorak as one of the seven wonders of Poland in a competition organized in 2012.

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