Iława port- IWR 2017 sport venue

In the middle of 2015 – after 12 months of works – the Iława inland port was completed. This Warmia and Masuria’s leading edge sports facility was erected in the southernmost tip of the Jeziorak Lake – the longest lake in Poland.

Ilawa marinaBrand new inland port

The port has been constructed at Chodkiewicza street – the location of a long-serving and worn-out buildings of the Interschool Sports Centre. The cost of the project almost reached 15.5 million Polish zlotys, where over 9 million was funded by the European Union.Under the project, four new structures were built. The Passenger Centre – the building in the northern part of the port – is the place of: a waiting room with the District Tourist Information Office equipped with a multimedia kiosk station, a catering outlet with a terrace overseeing the area, a newsagent’s, toilets, and wash rooms. The Boatswain Office holds a conference room, crew reporting office, and office rooms and it is connects to a utility-social building, which also holds special rooms for people injured on water, first-aid room, and a workshop for routine, small repairs of ships, and an external dish-washing point, a washing-machine room, and a washroom. There is a cargo part of the port with a new warehouse providing 12 places for vessels.There are docking stations for different watercraft (from tourist yachts, through regular cruise vessels, to cargo ships) located on the developed coast, at the breakwater and jetties, and in the passenger and cargo sections of the port. Also, a crane for waterslip has been installed.The investment has been funded by the Poviat of Iława. The project was co-funded by the European Union’s Regional Development Fund within the Priority no. 5 – Regional and local transport infrastructure, Measure 5.1 – Extension and modernization of transport infrastructure conditioning regional development, Sub-measure 5.1.4 – Port infrastructure of the Warmia and Masuria Regional Operational Programme for 2007-2013.The inland port in Iława is a chance for further development of tourism at Jeziorak Lake, which is part of the E70 International Waterway connecting Antwerp with Klaipėda and “the Żuławy Water Loop”. Thanks to the revitalized Elbląg Canal, Jeziorak Lake, the longest one in Poland, is now connected with the Baltic Sea.

Important for IWR 2017 participants

Iława port will be official IWR 2017 sport venue. It is located 350m from our camping.Address: ul. Chodkiewicza 5 14-200 Iława, POLAND

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