Written by Hubert Domaros

October 15, 2016

General info for participants


Deadline for early registration – 28.02.2017 Deadline for payment early entry fee – 31.03.2017 Deadline for registration additional team members – 30.04.2017 Due to limited number of space on the campsite after this date registration of additional competitors will be impossible Early entry fee – 100€ per person Late entry fee – 120€ per personAs the deadline for payment we consider date of receiving the fee, please note that it may take several days for international transfer to be completed.Every boat that are going to participate in the regatta must be insured


For 2017 IWR, participants will be accommodated in Leśna camping, located just a couple of meters from the port and paddock for the boats. There is a possibility to rent a room in the resort for the additional payment. In order to do so, please send the message to the reception to the e-mail address: biuro@lesna-ilawa.plAdress : FHU “LEŚNA” ul. Sienkiewicza 9 14-200, Iława


Date 24.05.2017 25.05.2017 26.05.2017 27.05.2017 28.05.2017
Teams arrival Opening paddocks for boats Opening ceremony Qualifications: 100 m Slalom FSBSemi finals: 100 m FSB Slalom Long distance Acceleration Bollard PullFinals:100 m FSB Slalom Secret mission Award Ceremony Teams departure


Venue for 2017 IWR will be Iława Port. More info here: http://iwr2017.pl/news/ilawa-port/

Legal notice

In accordance with Article 14, paragraph 2a of the Upbringing in Sobriety and Counteracting Alcoholism Act drinking alcohol in public places in Poland is PROHIBITED. In other words, drinking beer/whiskey/vodka/any-other-alcohol-you-could-think-of may result in arrest and transport to drunk tank (also called sobbering-up stations), which look quite similar to mental house:https://goo.gl/U9MRBO Pretty exiting experience for thrill seekers.

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