Written by Hubert Domaros

October 15, 2016


  The 100m Sprint is a race over about 100m with the fastest boat winning the competition.100msprint
The Slalom is a race, where all boats must round the set out buoys on the correct side in the correct order. The fastest boat wins the competitionslalom
The Acceleration is 10m race. The boats are ranked by acceleration time.acceleration
Forward – Stop – Backward
The boats go approximately 50m forward, stop after an imaginary line and drive backwards to the starting/finishing line. The fastest boat wins the competition.acceleration
Bollard Pull
The feeding force is measured over 30 seconds. The boat with the highest mean force wins the competition.bollard pull
Long distance
The Long Distance race takes approximately one hour of racing. The boats are ranked by race time and covered distance.long distance
Secret mission
The race content is kept secret until the start of the competition.secret mission

If you have any questions, feel free to comment down below (don’t forget to write down your university in name field (it should look like that: Frank Underwood- Harvard University)) or send email through contact form on the main page, or hpruszko@iwr2017.pl

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