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What is IWR?

Few informations about International Watterbike Regatta

International Waterbike Regatta is annual event gathering marine engineering students from all over Europe, with the desire to compete with each other for a title of best designers of a boat powered by strength of human muscles. First International Waterbike Regatta has organised in 1980 year in Hanover, Germany. Since then IWR took various European countries such as Germany, Poland, Turkey, Austria, Croatia, France, Netherlands, Italy, Sweden and Norway.

Besides competition, IWR is always about transforming theoretical knowledge into practice, as well as sharing personal experience gained on a field of broadly defined marine engineering. IWR is great place for such projects- each year this event brings together more than 300 people, full of passion to creativity and technology.

38th IWR will take place in beautiful town of Iława, Poland. Click here to find out more about this town.

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